In the beginning of 1980, the Norwegian banks wanted to move from centralised cheque printing to de-centralised cheque printing.

We was contacted by one of the largest Bank office suppliers of machinery in Norway, and asked if we could develope a new small cheque encoder for the Norwegian market.

In the period of 1982- 1985 we delivered more than 750 cheque printer units in Norway. Thereafter we delivered more than 400 to Sweeden.

The first unit was called JC60 and printed only one code line in OCRB font, later the JC60 was modified to print 1 text line for personalisation as well.

After the first success with the JC60, we started to make a new model who could be sold world wide.

The model name was JC60E, this machine had a printing station with a Daisy wheel which contained all known font's as E13B, CMC7, OCRA and OCRB, so as you can see the machine could be sold world wide because just by selecting a font in the software it could print the font required in your country, in addition it also had 6 print stations for personalisation data.

The JC60E was a stand alone unit, and it was made for small and medium branches.( not heavy duty)

Some customers asked for a heavy duty machine who could print none stop every day, and also be controlled by a PC. We then started to develope JC64, who more or less took over the sale after JC60E.

The JC64 has been in production from 1988 until year 2002, and have now been replaced by our new model called BP64E

The new BP64E can also print all known font as E13B, CMC7, OCRA and OCRB and have 7 print stations for personalisation date, it has a very service friendly mechanical unit, and it is equipped with new design and latest Flash technology.

All our cheque printers uses only Impact printing to ensure highest possible security for the printed cheques, in addition we supply security MICR and Text ribbon, to secure the cheques even more.